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Who we are

Global Products Group secures only the finest partners, equipment, and processes to guarantee superior products at excellent margins.

Global Products Group has a vertically integrated supply chain that is not only exceedingly cost-efficient but also has a unique transparency, demonstrating an impeccable, traceable chain of custody from seed to shelf.



Our farms are members of the Growers Hemp Network and we proudly support the NC Industrial Hemp Association. We raise hemp by hand, starting with industrial hemp genetics suitable for our southern climate, then all industrial hemp extracted is cultivated, grown and harvested in compliance with U.S. Code § 5940 and N.C.G.S. §106-568.50 et seq. 

And these program certifications:

While many companies are using low-cost and non-selective extraction methods that require more processing,

GPG is . . .

1 of 6 U.S. companies to use our patented crude extraction process

Our highly selective subcritical CO2 extraction platform preserves plants’ natural properties, using liquid CO2 at very low temperatures and pressures to gently isolate the selected compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes). The result is a golden-color, full-spectrum pure extract, Carolina Sweet Crude, that doesn’t require additional post processing and is the ideal starting point for further refinement and purification.

One of few companies using elite RotaChrom technology

GPG is one of the few U.S. companies using the industrial level RotaChrom iCPC technology in the cannabinoid molecule remediation process because it yields superior efficiency, is highly scalable, and environmentally and economically sustainable. RotaChrom is also cGMP compliant and silica-free. It’s the high-quality and high-throughput advantage.

  • contract manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Packaging

a Turnkey Manufacturing & Fulfillment company

GPG is an FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketer. For over 20 years, GPG has manufactured major brand product for tens of thousands of retail stores worldwide. With over 50,000 square feet, the plant manufactures 60-90k units each day. Meet our full-time creative staff for branding, marketing, packaging, and order fulfillment.


All of our products can be distributed to any part of the supply chain. Whether you are a contract manufacturer or own a physical retail location, we want to partner with you to support your sales channel.

  • Full-Spectrum Crude Oil
  • T-Free Broad-Spectrum Distillate
  • T-Free Cannabinoid Isolates
  • White Label
  • Wholesale for Retailers
  • Wholesale for eCommerce (dropship capabilities)
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Custom Formulations

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Global Products Group is an FDA-registered top-tier pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in formulation, bottling, white-labeling, contract manufacturing, testing, and packaging. If you have any questions about our services or products, please send us an email.

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