The stand-out, specialized staff at Global Product Group includes experts at every level of the integrated vertical supply chain.

Bradley Todd

Botanical Science Director 

Bradley grew up in rural North Carolina, where he found his calling surrounded by nature and farming. After serving in the military and attending college, he spent more than a decade focusing on small-scale agriculture. Interested in helping small farmers achieve success, Brad brought agricultural techniques, like aqua/hydroponics and outdoor production methods to Aggrist, Inc., a farmer-focused company that works with industrial farmers to increase profitability through value-added services and support.

Gene Weitz

Director of Formulations

Gene graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. An entrepreneurial executive with 35+ years’ experience in developing and growing companies, Gene has researched, developed, and patented numerous products and invented a proprietary skin delivery technology. He has spent 20 years on direct response marketing strategies and now manages a high-capacity OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Gene is active in many organizations, including the National Association of Chain Drugstores, Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and the American Chemical Society.

John Logan


John Logan holds a master’s degree in mathematics and statistics from North Carolina State University and is an expert in trading applications with extensive experience in establishing IT and trading protocols for investment firm management. Co-founder of InstaQuote, an execution and software platform for financial institutions, and a founding, managing member of NT Financial Group, a worldwide clearing broker/dealer, John also speaks internationally with Bloomberg at Bloomberg global events. John is currently President of TAS TradeSoft Corporation and CEO and founding member of TAS Professional, LLC, which supplies software applications, automated trading algorithms, and technical analysis expertise to the institutional trading community.

Trevor Grace

Chief Strategy Officer

Trevor is a leader in digital marketing and specializes in high-yield ROI marketing campaigns. Co-founder and CEO of Titan Publishing, a digital marketing company, Trevor has helped fortune 500 companies, like Masterbrands, understand how to leverage digital marketing by integrating backend systems with front-end analytics. Since 1998, Trevor has successfully built over 100 enterprise-level web applications. Trevor is a certified Google Partner and Titan Publishing is 1 of 35 businesses with a private API directly to Google.

Sarah Bryant

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah has spent most of her career in sales and sales management and is an expert at creating and training high-performance sales teams. Co-founder and COO of Titan Publishing, a national digital marketing agency, Sarah is one of the world’s leading sales and marketing consultants. Sarah holds an MBA, is a Master Certified Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner/Trainer, Master Hypnotist, and has worked individually with 211 companies in 16 countries around the world, increasing marketing and sales performance. Her skills include writing hypnotic sales/marketing copy, mapping the marketing message with funnel strategy, guerilla marketing tactics, and developing killer marketing messages. Sarah is a dynamo speaker and lecture favorite, having spoken at 1000+ engagements and training seminars worldwide.

Jason Grimes

Chief International Officer / Legal

Jason has a master’s degree from the University of Miami and is a seasoned 15-year practicing lawyer. His work experience includes positions at a full-service, national law firm and a multinational, independent investment bank/financial services company. Jason has also served as general counsel in the health-care industry. Jason uses this experience to provide expert legal, practical, and risk management advice to facilitate compliance.

Christopher Gatchis

Sales Director

Christopher Gatchis has 25 years’ experience in the dietary supplement industry and founded Axis Labs in 2005. He has created, managed, and sold over a dozen brands worldwide, personally formulating hundreds of products. His passion is finding the best natural solutions to help his clients solve their problems and reach their goals. Born and raised in Colorado, Chris is a fitness and health enthusiast who enjoys bodybuilding, skiing, and mountain biking. In 2014, Chris suffered injuries in a vehicle accident which sent him on a journey to explore alternative options for pain relief. Now he works to help others find the same relief through healthy living and natural supplements.