Using only the finest quality ingredients, we assure transparency by offering a certificate of analysis on every product manufactured.

If a product is not tested, there is no way of knowing whether it contains dangerous impurities like heavy metals, residual solvents, or pesticides. That’s why we provide traceability testing on each of our products and prove their purity with a Certificate of Analysis.


The Trayc App tracks and views each step in the seed-to-sale process and answers every question in the supply chain, right from a smartphone. TRAYC tracks all stages of product growth and processing, creating a chain of custody using blockchain technology to radically elevate compliance, security, and transparency.


What Is Trayc?

It’s a fun, visually-appealing, and interactive exploration of all the suppliers throughout the process. TRAYC answers all the questions in the supply chain:


  • Where do the seeds come from?
  • Who farms the hemp?
  • How does extraction work?
  • Where is this product refined?
  • Who designs the formulations?
  • Which facility independently tests the raw material?
  • Who packages the finished product?

Here’s How Trayc Works

Growers, processors, and producers each log in and create cards, like digital trading cards, to represent crops, track biomass, trace raw materials, present certificates of analysis, and more.

Customers scan the QR code on their product and receive instant batch information to learn about the specific raw materials and plant ingredients included in their product.

The system provides complete transparency, improved compliance, and additional security.

Blockchain technology ensures the chain of custody is immutable. Each partner has their own node to update, providing the opportunity to tell the story of the batch and offer special messages.

The resulting Digital Trading Card is a gamified, branded background, and frame. The user experience is simple, intuitive, and interactive.

How it works

A Certificate of Analysis is the only way to know what products contain. we ensure transparency on every product we manufacture from seed to sale.

Industrial Analyses

Industrial Analyses

Our raw material testing is performed by Avazyme, a USDA-approved and DEA-registered/certified independent third-party laboratory that provides analysis on pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Laboratory testing checks for potency, pesticide residues, efficiency, shelf-life stability, residue solvents, flavors, aromas, mycotoxins, nutrition panel, food-borne pathogens, moisture & heavy metals.

    DEA & State Certified Laboratory

    The founder, president and CEO of Avazyme, Volker Bornemann, Ph.D., is also an adjunct professor at NCSU and on the AgTech Scientific Advisory Board of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Avazyme has acquired the state and federal permits to legally handle any controlled substances (DEA Schedule 1 through 5).

    The State of North Carolina: Controlled Substance Registration

    Certification # NC DHHS-1000985

    SCHEDULES 1, 2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, 5, 6 (NC)

    The US Department of Justice, Federal Drug

    Enforcement Agency Controlled

    Substance Registration Certificate # DEA RA0522739

    SCHEDULES 1, 2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, 5 (DEA)


    Guaranteeing Confidence

    Not all companies have impeccable standards. To understand what they are actually buying, consumers have had to research the products they purchase on their own due to many companies’ poor product labeling, false marketing claims, contaminants, and unregulated manufacturing processes. Today’s savvy consumers are looking for peace of mind, and we provide that by guaranteeing that their personal care products are not only made from all-natural, quality ingredients without impurities but that there is also a visibly traceable process that they can access to instill confidence in their purchases.


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