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Why Membership Matters in the Hemp Industry

When it comes to hemp, quality speaks the loudest to consumers and suppliers alike. People want to know that they are buying and selling the cleanest, safest products on the market. As the hemp industry grows and changes, companies like Global Products Group work to stay at the forefront of compliance and best practices to ensure our products are of superior quality. One of the best ways to achieve this is by gaining membership in organizations such as the Southeast Hemp Association (SEHA).

Originally established in 2015 as the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA), the NCIHA played a pivotal role in the lobbying effort to pass the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. After broadening membership to include seven states, the voting members of the NCIHA moved to rename the organization the Southeast Hemp Association in 2020. The switch was a key step in taking a bio-regional approach to growing the hemp community. 

SEHA currently represents hemp businesses, including growers, processors, retailers, and subsidiary services. The organization works with these groups to ensure messaging and goals remain consistent throughout the industry. SEHA is a source of influence and knowledge in hemp, and its 600 members provide lobbying power and advocacy for farmers and manufacturers.

GPG’s membership in SEHA strengthens our commitment to safety and excellence. The result? Our ability to manufacture superior products through continued education, training, and collaboration achieved through the many perks an SEHA membership includes: professional leadership resources, increased integrity and transparency, supply chain representation, industry advancement, and best practice advocacy. 

GPG not only aims to be part of the conversation surrounding hemp but to lead the discussion in partnership with organizations such as SEHA that advocate for strict industry standards and best practices to guarantee the production of high-caliber, pure products. 

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